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Warning!!: contains sexual theme (a bit over mild but not too much) and language.

This wasn't part of the plan. How did everything just suddenly go wrong? It wasn't supposed to be like this from the moment I first made contact with him. Damn Shizuo and his unpredictable movements, and its getting the best of me. Here I thought I knew him enough to handle what's about to come from the moment I touch his face. The fist move I made to stir our fate when I glided my tongue across his bleeding face. I knew it was going to be a huge turn of event when he counters with a kiss on my lips. It was so like him to assume that's what he should do. That protozoan is such an idiot, expecting me to reject him when he was the one who invited me in, and making me crave even more for his touch.

I was force to relish these feelings of confusion and frustration for even myself to comprehend. The fact that I don't recognize these feelings that never felt so alien; so foreign. Unknown tightness cave inside my chest every time Shizuo lips brush my own, suffocating my beating heart inside my body, and even intoxicating my mind with his rough jagged words of lust.

How dare he, for making me feel so weak.

So vulnerable like a child crying just because he fell off of a swing set. I feel so fragile, so breakable, and so tamed by his heated fingers lingering around my flushed frame. I refuse to give in to his delicious caresses when it shouldn't feel this good. So fucking good. It's too enthralling, too exhilarating.

It's too much.

Yet, here I am as he topples over me while claiming my body as his own. Hot breathe tickling my collar bone as his lips leaves buttery kisses along my neck. Chasm of rapturous moans escapes my yearning lips in perpetual disgust. Everything never felt so heated, so damn smolderingly hot when he bit into my soft spot. Never in my life have I felt the beating of my heart pacing so fast that it hurts. My body long for more, but I refuse to give into submission. I am not his property, he does not own me. A man that can't be easily killed can't control me, because I will not fall. I will not give into his cannibalistic eyes. I refuse to be his.

I am the one in control of this game.

I knew this when I startle his frustrating expression when I forcefully choke out a husky laugh. His body froze when a sinister smile spread across my lips, my eyes filled with animosity. Amusement hit the sound of insidious laughter as I reach out and grab the back of his neck, harshly pulling his face closer to mine.

Masking a smile that no man can tell my true intention, I whisper dark secrets of his death with an unmistakably noticeable blade sliding out of my left sleeve as I glide the sharp tip across his chest. I warn him before didn't I? Death might be closer than he thinks if he ever laid his hands on me again.

It was the only way to escape, because he would have soon figure out why my face was so flushed while the beating of my heart fasten with every expecting pace. I don't want him to break me. I repudiate his desire for me because I don't know if I can handle this impulsiveness to return the favor.

"Asking for your death sentences a little too early, aren't we Shizu-chan?" I ask, while cocking one of my eyebrows at him. Shizuo's breathe hitch when I puncture a small wound against his skin with the tip of my switchblade. "For once you played right into my hands."

A lie. It was such an unbelievable lie that sounds true enough for the ex-bartender to understand his situation. I press the blade a bit more for him to respond the way I want when he moves back, and suddenly releasing his hold on my lower half as he stumble off of the couch. Ignoring the missing heat of his body on top of mine, I swiftly stood up and backed him against the glass table. This is how it should be from the start, with two enemies standing across from each other, and eyes filled with so much abhorrence.

Our worlds were meant to clash one another, forever bound to destroy the weaker world, and erasing its existence. We can never truly be one with each other. These feelings of love, lust, and desire are nonexistence between Shizuo and my world. It's inevitable.

"Get out of here, Shizu-chan."

This obsession is impossible.

"Before I really kill you."

Therefore we can never fall for each other.


Days turn into weeks as the world starts to revolve into its usual pace once again. Our hatred for one another still continues to cycle around the streets of Ikebukuro, Japan. No more, have I notice those feelings in his eyes again while he charges at me. With his hands grabbing every inanimate object on the streets, he ferociously throws them, with no prevails, missing his target by a mere inch away from my face. I taunt him with a flick of my blade aiming at his heart, a devious smile twitch at the corner of my lips.

Like a craze cat he is, he chase after the tempter of a mouse into the park of the less crowded attention. Who knows, something unexpected might happen in a moment. The way it's going now, I'm pretty sure I can handle anything since this louse is back to himself.

The cut I gave him was gone from his face and his fever also disappears without a trace, which to my own selfishness, I feel a tad relief because otherwise, we wouldn't be able to play with each other. Everything is finally backed to what it's supposed to be and what it should be. I never ask for any other way.


I laugh. Dare I say how much I miss that animalistic sound of his voice, with no hint of hesitation, no hint of longing, no hint of unanswered curiosity.

"Whoa, that was a little too close, Shizu-chan." I playfully chime as I dance away from another toss of flying vending machines. I spin myself back to face my nemesis and gave him the most irritating Cheshire smile I can provoke him with. "Is that all you've got? How pathetic. "

"If you don't move then I won't miss." Shizuo throatily growls. "So how about it, Flea? Want to stay still for five seconds so I can be rid of you?!"

"Hmm, now there's a thought," I said innocently, while shrugging my shoulders. "I don't deserve to be put down by a low life as yourself, so why should I when I want you to work for it?"

"Trying to make me look stupid huh?" He said while he walks up to a recycle bin and places his hands at the top of the lid. My eyes slits in glee at his next predictable move. "I'll make you take back those words and rip that annoying smile off of your face!"

"Go ahead, "I said while ducking under the recycle bin he just threw. I lift my face back up and said, "And try your very BEST at hitting me."

"You little shit!" Shizuo bellow while he crushes the pole of a stop sign with his bare monstrous strength. I cringe at the sound of the bending of metal as it was being lifted up from the concrete floor. "I'll KILL you!"

Menacingly dragging the edge of the stop sign against the gravel, Shizuo came at me with full swing, and I almost tripped on my footing when my left pocket started ringing. Damn, what bad timing. I flip back ward, distancing myself from the temper bartender, I reach for my phone in my pocket and answer the call with a frustrating sigh.

"What is it?"

"You have a visitor." Namie's voice said nonchalantly. "And you wouldn't believe me if I told you who it is."

"Oh?" I ask in curiosity, as I dodge the pole at the last second, which irritated Shizuo even more when I'm in another conversation while dodging his attacks. "Who is this unexpected visitor you say?"

"Yuhei Heiwajima."

"What?" I stop in my tracks, which is the biggest mistake I can afford when Shizuo hit me square on my jaw line, and knocking my cellular three feet away from my collapse body. I wince at the sudden pain while I reach up to touch my bruise face as the same time tasting a sudden drop of blood at the bottom corner of my cut lip.

"Hello? Izaya, are you still there?" Namie's voice registers faintly across from me, while I irritatingly glare at the startle blond.

"Tell him I'm unavailable for the time being," I said loud enough to reach the receiver, while licking the blood clean from my lip. "He'll have to come back later because I have some unfinished business with the bastard who knocked me with a stop sign."

Shizuo flinch when I hiss the last sentence, and sensing malice in my voice, I stood up from the floor. Playfulness no longer emits out of me, because now I'm full on piss on how my days is turning into. Darkly chuckling while I retrieve my phone from the floor and ending the call, I look up at Shizuo from under my eyelashes, causing him to lose his composure. Standing up straighter, I slowly walk forward and stop a few feet away from him.

I thumb the corner of lip, tasting the blood, while I stated sarcastically. "Nice shot."

"A-are you alright?" A fluster Shizuo said when he suddenly let his defenses down. Drawing his weapon to his side, he releases the pole from his grip, the sign clatter with a soft clang of metal hitting concrete. He cautiously stroll over with his hands held up showing he means no harm.

"Idiot, I'm not easily broken. Of course I'm alright!" I snap at him, suddenly losing my cool for feeling such irritation from his unexpected hit. It's rare for me to get hit, even in the face, with one of his weapon. The sudden blow from the sudden pain must have startled me enough to lose my grip on reality and affected me to be pissed off at him when I drew my knife in front of me. Threatening him to not come any closer, ordering him not to think I'm not capable of taking care of myself.


"What?" I ask a hint of caution in my voice. "Oh, you're waiting for me to take back the words I said before right? Ha, such a simple mind you have. Fine, you win, I got what I deserve and therefore I'm taking back my words. Satisfied?"


I sigh out sympathetically. "Of course not. What a needy man you are to ask too much for you to take."

I pleasantly laugh at his irritated expression, while withdrawing my own weapon and placing it back into my back pants pocket. Why should I waste any more time now that I made this little chase suddenly turn so overrated? I never enjoy continuing a game when the rival refuses to fight back.

"So what else do you want, Shizu-chan?" I ask touchily, while offering my hand and teasingly bow in front of him and act as if I'm submitting to his command. "What does your 'highness' want? I don't have all day, so let's make it snappy hm?"

"Listen here you-"

"Do you want me to grovel under your feet?" I press, hitting every button I know to make his temper flames into his eyes. "Do you want me to polish your shoes and clean your laundry? What do you want from me, Shizu-chan? As if you can take me under your grasp."

"Don't push it."

"Why not? It's fun to make you turn into the monster you are." I chide. "You're nothing but a superficial poor excuse of a human being just like me. We rise above all others, but yet I'm more superior to you by tenfold. You're nothing but a parasite on a street I can just crush upon."

"You! Just shut the hell up!" Shizuo close in the few feet between us, while reaching out and grabbing hold of my jacket as he shoves me forward towards his gritted teeth. "You're nothing but a heartless piece of shit. Who makes you think that you're above everyone else! You know nothing of the human heart."

"And you think that you do? Understanding the feelings of each individual human being is my specialty." I stated. "I love all humans, and therefore they should all love me back."

"Then why didn't you notice these feelings when it's thrust into your face weeks ago?!" Shizuo suddenly screams out in frustration, startling me to no end and confusing me at the same time. "You wouldn't even realize when a person offers their feelings for you even if you try to decrypt them like a computer virus. People aren't some pawns you can simply throw away, Izaya. Face the facts that you're in denial of loving an individual."

"Tch fine, then let's create a game. Where we see who can prove where love can easily be obtain. Whoever is the first to make their partner fall for them wins, deal?" I question.

"What the hell kind of sick game is this? And even if I win what am I getting out of this?"

I smirk. "Who said that you're going to win? I'll get the satisfaction of having a slave, which means if I win, you will forever be under my control."

"And if I win, you will never set foot in Ikebukuro again, got that?" Shizuo threaten, which I causally shrug my shoulders.

"That's fine with me."

This might seem like an innocent game to my oblivious Shizu-chan, he has no idea. Unconsciously, we're heading back to where we left off a week ago. I blame this all on myself for going back, and reversing the time we spent separated from these forbidden feelings. I was the one who push it away, and now here I am, begging for their return.

Disgusted with my selfish need to capture his attention once more, I reach out to touch his face. My cold fingers trace the smooth lines of his cheekbones, causing him to shiver under my touch. Traces of mischievousness twitches at the corner of my lips, I stand up on my tippy toes to whisper playful yet threatening words against his soft ear.

Screw reasoning and the clashing of the two worlds. Foolishly contradicting myself and my way of thinking, I didn't give a damn anymore. I'm in control of this game, and I will not lose to fate, because I'll change my fate whether it likes it or not. Nobody can claim what's mine.

"Thus the game begins, Shizu-chan." I whisper darkly, and sneakily glide my tongue against his earlobe, causing a soft gasp to escape his lips. Chuckling in delight, I murmur, "And the victim I chose for this game is you."
First of all, what the heck happen to the submission page! O_O I'm not comfortable with this new version, it's too weird. xD

Anyways, I didn't have school friday so I finish Chapter 6 quite early than expected, haha. Though it's a bit shorter, there's a change of my writing style because I've recently been inspired to write better. It just seems like the last 5 chapters I did was just half-ass, because i didn't put much effort to really make the characters come to life. For that reason, I apologize for not putting all of my full writing potential into this story. ^^' I still hope you like my Shizaya fanfic even if it's been written differently now.
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